Celebrating the lives of outdoorsmen

Glory Boats are vessels to convey the mortal remains of outdoors enthusiasts to that glorious, final harbor.

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What is a Glory Boat ?

How They Work

Used in funeral services the same way as traditional caskets Glory Boats are compatible with standard burial vaults. IMPORTANT NOTE:  GLORY BOAT TOPS ARE MADE OF AWNING CANVAS FABRIC OVER ALUMINUM FRAMES.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND USE OF VAULTS AND GRAVE LINERS TO PROTECT THE TOP.  The internal dimensions of a Glory Boat allow even the largest individuals to easily fit. The inside of a Glory Boat is softer and more comfortable than traditional caskets. The outside of a Glory Boat is rugged and tough like many of the outdoors enthusiasts who loved spending time on the water in their lives.

Why Glory Boats?

  • Funeral customers increasingly desire opportunities to recognize and express the distinctive character of their individual lives and spirits.

  • Top quality construction from heavy duty materials.

  • Built in America.


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